Friday, 20 June 2008

Balcony Garden dreaming, visual inspirations

This tired old world needs its visionaries and its doers to meet up every now and then. This 3x2m walkabout balcony garden is a good spot for it. Ingenious inventors, craftspeople, designers and one worthwhile patron are all invited to make the world's loveliest cubbyhouse.
What may it look like?
Compact, recycled, quirky, and approachable.
Artistic influences include:

Tage Anderson, Genius Danish artist and florist
Shaun Tan 'The Rabbits'
Shaun Tan Australian children's book artist
'Chicken coop Fly trap Seedling nursery boat' by Joe Polaischer
Joe Polaischer, NZ permaculturist, dearly missed
Joe's homemade flowform for greywater treatment

Wallice and gromit
Heath Robinson

Cecilia at Gibili, with the robot from Laputa Castle in the sky, anime by Miazaki Hayao

Gibili Anime: Laputa Castle in the Sky,
and the underground garden created by princess Naucica

drawing by Maki Yohna
my enthusiastic balcony garden students

kindhearted Dr Zeuss

...and of course, the quirky, connected world I make in my own Cecilia illustrations, the world I want to live in, and sometimes actually do.
Next question is, how will this balcony look...
All juicy ideas welcome and wanted. Please post.